Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Try it on Tuesday...Havana Nights..

Don't mind my titles. I am so bad at writing. I am trying to make the titles interesting but they are coming out corny (lol). So......anyway this is my next Try it on Tuesday. I reorganized my nail polish stash (for the 30th time) and found this beauty in my stash. It is Wet n Wild Club Havana, a beautiful orange coraly (is that a word?) color.

I added some polka dots with white acrylic paint for a touch of nail art. Nothing fancy, but I like it. Sorry about the pics. For some reason these came out fuzzy.

Here is a list of the other bloggers participating in this challenge. Take a look.


  1. Love this! The color is beautiful. You are inspiring my to play with my dotting tools more.

  2. Pretty! I just re-organized too and have found a bunch of polishes I forgot I had! So fun:)